CPRI (Credit and Political Risk Insurance)

Chaque contrat est particulier ; une démarche sur mesure est nécessaire afin de couvrir tous vos risques

Financial institutions

Main risk covered: Non-payment

Example of operations: RCF, Trade Loan, Capex Loan, Shipping & Aircraft, Derivatives, Capital CallsProject finance, Structured finance, LCs

Investment coverage

Main political risks covered: Confiscation, Expropriation, Embargo, Non-transfer, Non-respect of arbitration award

Example of operations: Hedging of foreign subsidiaries within European multinationals


Main risks covered: Non-payment, Non-delivery, Political risks

Example Operations: Delivery of Short-Term Commodities, Forfeiture of Inventory


Main risks covered: Non-payment, Interruption of contract, Improper call of sureties, Political risks

Example of operations: Export of capital goods, Coverage of infrastructure projects

Portfolio solutions and risk transfer

Main risks covered: Non-payment Example of operations: Multi-country receivables portfolio, International programs, Tailor-made risk transfer

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